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The history of mankind is the history of textiles – as old as civilization itself. Since the first thread was created, fabric has defined history, culture, politics, technology and business.
This is why weaving textiles on the loom, though a primitive art, still survives today and captures the interest of many people nowadays. It is the art that combines aesthetics with utility. It could be said that it is the art of our grandmothers who wove works of art on their handmade wooden looms driven basically by the need to make everyday utilitarian fabrics using pure natural fibers from mother nature.
So, according to history, weaving perhaps teaches us an important lesson: we can look back on our past to find answers for the future, and to be shown the way to live in balance with the natural environment.
Textile art is clearly the future of sustainable fashion.
This season, Penelope’s is launching two weaving courses: beginners’ and advanced.

So let’s start getting a taste of this wonderful art!


MODULE ONE consists of 12 sections and you will practice on the following:

get to know our materials and the way their use
– pass the warp on the loom and learn how to weave
– weave horizontal stripes in various thicknesses
– weave vertical stripes alternating colors and “playing” with shades
– learn to incorporate knots, fringes, and other textured elements into your fabric
– close the fabric and tie the wraps

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