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Penelope’s this season invites you to experiment with the technique of easy painting and mixed media.

Mixed media is a type of visual art that mixes various materials and incorporates different art media and forms into a complete work of art. Allows you to let your imagination run free and see everything around you as a potential canvas.  You can paint with watercolors and emboss it, add sculpture to a painting, assemble pieces of paper and draw or paint on them. The range is truly endless and the freedom of expression unlimited in this amazing art where the focus is not only on the end result but also on the process which is enjoyable!


In this fun workshop the combination of techniques and styles have the first floor! Without any special skill required and with the guidance of our experienced lecturer/artist, you will progress step by step and just in your first lessons you will enjoy the magical feeling of art when you hold your own unique work in your hands!Do not miss the opportunity to join our creative fellowship to work together, with acrylic paints, pastes, metals, watercolors, papers and everything else that serves our imagination and the uniqueness of our artwork!

Are you ready to create your own mixed media artwork?

  • Laboratory DURATION: October-May (repetitive cycles of 8 lessons)
  • Registrations throughout the year.
  • *Each section starts once the necessary entries are completed.

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