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Sunday Photo walks


Welcome to the world of photography!
In less than a hundred years, photography has become a part of almost every element of our lives. Almost everyone has a camera on their cell phone and takes pictures on a daily basis. We constantly see photographic images on our electronic devices, in print media and in advertisements.
Since photography has become so widespread and diverse, it is widely used both in our daily lives and in the world of Arts!
Photography is an expression of how a photographer sees the world around him. In artistic photography the important thing is not what the camera captures but what the photographer sees and wants to show.
Penelope’s therefore starts the new season by adding two very special artistic photography workshops to our calendar.
The first workshop concerns professionals and the second concerns creative photography.
This course combines creative photography with photography excursions and city walks. You will learn technical tips and learn how to photograph an urban landscape, archaeological sights and life in the city through organized walks in the center of Athens.


The purpose of the seminar is to acquire the basic principles of composition of photographic images, to understand the concepts related with the visual language of digital photography, to learn how to complete a cityscape photo shoot, edit the photos and express yourself in a creative way, acquiring a personal style.
It consists of 6 three-hour meetings. Through the completion of each module, participants will learn techniques, acquire knowledge, improve their creative practices and evolve their personal style to create an exhibition at the end of the third module.


The workshop is addressed to all who want to improve their photography skills with practice and experimentation. As with any other field, you have to work on it in order to understand the properties and uses of light and composition techniques. You will practice your visual perception, start to use the camera more creatively and create high quality and aesthetic photos.
This tutorial is designed for beginners with little to no experience who want to improve their skills in taking and editing photos, for those who want to improve their photographic knowledge and develop in the field of photographic art and cultivate a personal photographic style.


To take and edit a series of photos for the creation of a personal project on the theme of the urban landscape and city life in a high quality and aesthetic way.


Within 6 meetings, you will learn:
– Photographic techniques
– Presentation of the work of important photographers
– Aesthetics of the photographic image and creative practices
– Modern photography and personal style
– Photography applications and practice
– Introduction to digital photography
– Photographic walks in the city


In terms of materials, you will need a digital reflex or mirrorless camera or a smartphone, a computer and an program or application for editing images.

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