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Penelope’s thought of you and yours gives her the opportunity to participate in Family painting picnic events creating beautiful memories with your family (or your friends).

Children grow up so fast, and creative moments with them are so few these days….but surely there is nothing more important than them!!!

For this reason we have created such moments of creation in nature where it awaits us to capture with it its smells and images on our canvas and to look for food for inspiration and a reason to meet with our children!!!

Our teacher will guide you on how print them using the relaxing watercolor technique or any other material of your choice such as acrylic or pencil.

Working with a mix of vibrant watercolors and drawing inks, you’ll immerse yourself in what everyone is inspired to capture atumn leaves, lakes and fences and gardens, seascapes and whatever else nature inspires you.

At the same time, your children will be on a journey of discovery in the magical world of painting, while they will have fun in nature and make new friends at the same time!

So, we are waiting for you on Sunday mornings with your family or friends in green gardens and beautiful spots in Athens to have fun and feel calm and connected to the soul that we miss so much in everyday life.

Take your children – while they are still children – and share with them the creative personal moments, which will be the most precious thing you can give them!

We’ve made sure we have delicious deli boxes for those too…you just be sure to bring your fun and creativity with you!

For information about the dates of the events and declarations of participation, follow us on social media.

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