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“Fun” is the word that characterizes the events of “paint your life & wine”. The specific events are based on the creation of independent paintings, where usually you or we choose the subject depending on the mood and following the instructions of the artist-teacher  us, you get familiar with painting by learning the basics, while experimenting with colors, textures and techniques. In general, no artistic skills are needed as paint your life & wine is mostly about connecting with friends, with a glass of wine and some  hours full of laughs .. learning how to draw.!! So if you are really looking for a reason to have fun but are bored of the same, here are some ideas for a fun occasion with your people that you can organize with us.
Baby shower, Day …for couples, Valentine’s day, Mother’s night (without the kids),  Bachelorette party
And whatever else you have in mind…!!!!
Basically you can celebrate whatever you want with our help!
Penelope’s is the place to recharge your relationships with your friends, laugh and relax in a welcoming space and at the same time create your own painting. People who participate in paint your life & wine events come not only  for the art but also for how we make them feel and the truth is that for us there is no more important feeling than knowing the positive impact we have for the people who trusted us.

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