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Bookbinding is a traditional art that exercises the hands, the mind, the imagination. It offers the joy of creating on a book.
The adult bookbinding program takes place in two phases, lasting four months each, for beginners or advanced students.
In the first phase (first quarter) the trainee comes into contact with the art of bookbinding, its historical path, knows the tools and the various techniques that prevailed in the field. In practice, he will learn to bind his own books with the simplest form of binding, the “cover”.
Within four months he will use the tools used by the bookbinder, he will get to know different glues that will be used in each case and the materials with which he will invest his cover. In the end, he will deal with decoration – gold printing.
In the second phase (second quarter) he will begin training in the “back skin” and “whole skin” technique. After he has already learned the sewing technique, the more artistic work begins. Little by little he uses various techniques to create works of art. He chooses himself the materials and the way of binding and finally the decoration. During this four-month period, simple book maintenance techniques will also be taught.
So start your journey into the art of bookbinding with this unique workshop, and discover the limitless possibilities of this charming art, exploring the world of handmade books…


27 hours (3 hours/week)


17/10/2022 18:00-21:00


260 Euro
*All materials are included in the cost


Nikolaos Karametos

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