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(for Instagram and visual identity)


Welcome to the world of photography!
In less than a hundred years, photography has become a part of almost every element of our lives. Almost everyone has a camera on their cell phone and takes pictures on a daily basis. We constantly see photographic images on our electronic devices, in print media and in advertisements.
Since photography has become so widespread and diverse, it is widely used both in our daily lives and in the world of Arts!
Photography is an expression of how a photographer sees the world around him. In artistic photography the important thing is not what the camera captures but what the photographer sees and wants to show.
Penelope’s therefore starts the new season by adding two very special artistic photography workshops to our calendar.
The first workshop concerns professionals and the second concerns creative photography.


The purpose of this first photography workshop is to learn how to do a photo shoot, how to edit the photos as well as to impart the principles for creating the visual identity of a business using a smartphone.


The workshop is addressed to freelancers who have a small business and want to promote their presence on social media through photography; that includes entrepreneurs, creators, managers of online communities and anyone who wants to enter the world of digital communication through images.


Within 7 modules, you will acquire technical knowledge of taking and editing photos and creating a visual identity to display and promote your business through Instagram and social media using your smartphone (or your camera).

Specifically you will learn:
– Presentation and study of corresponding cases on Instagram
– Grouping of business profiles of participants
– Recording goals and objectives.
– Professional photography using smartphones
– Appropriate use of lighting
– Delineation of appropriate photographic options, frame, shooting angle, etc
– How we shape the style and style of our business through appropriate use of digital photography images
– What kind of photos should we take?
– How should we stage our photos?
– Digital photo editing using smartphone options
– Options to create the appropriate photo editing style
– Digital photo editing using Adobe Lightroom
– Presenting advanced options through the Adobe Lightroom image editor
– Strategy and Productivity: Practical application I
– Strategy and Productivity: -Practical application II
– Promotion of your business through the appropriate selection of photos on Instagram and social media
– Reflection and creativity

Extras: photography consultation for personalized business actions.


Basic concepts of photography and knowledge of image processing are not necessary.
In terms of materials, you need a smartphone with a camera and optionally a computer and an image editing program or application.


18 hours (7 modules)


Friday 14/10/2022


15.30 – 18.00


270 Euro


Mystra, 33 Glyfada, Athens, Greece 16561


Dimitra Gounari

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