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Each of us is creative in our own way. Creative expression can be as simple and fun as it can be deeply therapeutic. Surely most of us have come face to face with ourselves that usually stops us from creating and expressing ourselves freely. Paint your life “mindfully paintings” is here for you in order to increase self-awareness and self-compassion to strengthen our free expression, as long as we trust the process.

Painting is a natural way to practice mindfulness.  Colors, textures and dedication at the moment we create something, draw our attention and self-concentration to what we are doing!!!  You don’t need any previous experience to “meditate” through art, only the willingness to draw like a child with freedom and a sense of curiosity

We have prepared for you a series of morning and afternoon classes based on different techniques and progressive methods, so that you can experiment and maybe discover what suits you best!


It is aimed at all levels – even if you have never been in contact with painting until now!! You will be delighted with the projects you will create from the very first lessons.Each individual will be encouraged to both express their own style and explore different painting techniques.

This fall, try participating in the morning or afternoon paint your life classes!  !!They are highly therapeutic!!

  • DURATION* October – May (repeated cycles of 12 (3 hours)
  • DAY-TIME: To be determined after consultation with the participants

For more  information about the courses, contact us. 

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