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Penelope’s welcomes our little ones again this season in this highly entertaining drawing and painting workshop.It is aimed at young people …. “big artists ” aged 5-11 years old who want to explore their artistic side through exercises and games designed to pique children’s interest.

Anyone can be an artist…  and even more so for children. They only need to use their hands, some basic tools and above all their imagination in order to overcome obstacles, develop skills, sharpen their perception and acquire creative hobbies.


The aim of this workshop is both to practice children’s observation and to practice drawing and colour. The ‘little painters will learn about different artists and painting styles each time and use different types of art media.

While learning about the great painters in each lesson, they are also stimulated by the cultural elements of each era. The workshop will evolve with interactive and creative learning of painting so that the children’s contact with art will be mainly an enjoyable and not boring experience.


  •  This workshop is set to take place ‘after school’ for your child to relax them from the stress of the day and not overload any other activities they may have. .
  •   It’s flexible as you can choose between one cycle (10 lessons) or all 3 cycles ( during from October until May) depending on what suits you.
  •  Materials are included in the price
  • DURATION: October – May ( repeated cycles all the year )
  • If there is a class that coincides with an official holiday, it takes place on the previous working day or the next.

For further details for dates & prices  follow us on social !!!!!


In this children’s illustration workshop, the artist leading the session loves telling stories to kids through her brush, depicting characters and imaginary worlds with a sense of magic. She teaches children simple techniques to paint the stories they want to tell, exploring brushes, pencils, and color textures to create enchanting scenes with charming characters.
Each lesson encourages creativity, experimentation, and discussion on how color choices can evoke emotions and enhance storytelling. The workshop consists of 10 lessons, providing a comprehensive journey from conceiving a story to vibrant illustration, enhancing both artistic and narrative skills in young participants.
 A the end of the lessons we will do handmade bookbinding and each child will have made their own illustrated book where they will have it as a souvenir of their childhood.
What they will learn:
Introduction to illustration:
* Basic drawing techniques for children.
* Using lively colors to bring illustrations to life.
* Creative storytelling through illustrations.
Introduction to geometric shapes and designs:
* Creating unique and colorful designs.
* Incorporating fun elements like animals or objects.
* Learning about color combinations and contrasts in illustrations.
* Expressing emotions through color choices.
* Encouraging children to create a story for their illustrations and think “outside the box” about their technique.
* Developing characters and scenes within the artwork.
* Practical experience with different art materials and tools.
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