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Designed for coffee lovers and budding baristas.
At the beginning of our new season we start a series of workshops with the aim of preparing various types of coffee using a professional espresso machine and a coffee bean grinder.
The time when preparing coffee was a basic and monotonous process is long gone. Man’s constant search for new coffee-making techniques and new tastes has resulted in the creation of different types of coffee, each of which offers a unique experience.


In this workshop we will explore the most popular types of coffee offered, not only in Greece but also abroad, and it is designed for people who have an interest or passion for coffee and want to learn the basic principles and techniques of making an espresso coffee.


It is addressed to students, young people or professionals, who are looking to work in the coffee field or are looking for additional income and would like to acquire basic knowledge in a short period of time and in a simple manner in order to prepare themselves to work as a barista.
So, if you are interested in becoming a barista this course provides you with everything you need to feel confident behind the espresso bar. You will be able to use techniques to make a perfect coffee!
This workshop is also great if you want to improve your technique. As a Barista, your responsibility is to make coffee drinks, which means espresso and espresso-based drinks. But you will also learn about other beverages such as tea or chocolate. This unique workshop will take place over the course of a weekend in a friendly atmosphere. The groups will be small in order to assimilate your practice!


Take a look at what we’ll be covering:
– Types and varieties of coffee
– Grade of roasting coffee and how it affects the taste
– Freshness and storage of coffee
– Coffee equipment
– Espresso machine and grinder
– Graduation and mill dosage
– Espresso ratio and ideal extraction
– Milk and milk frothing techniques
– Espresso menu – recipes
– Preparation techniques
– Preparation methods and preparation devices
– Tea – varieties and methods of preparation Cocoa – varieties and preparation methods
– Health and safety practices
– Cleaning and maintenance of equipment
– Full drink menus & practice

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