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BAKE PLAY EAT (lessons for kids)

At Penelope’s weekly BAKE PLAY EAT “sweet meetings” with the kids, fun and laughter abound, but it’s also a great way to spark a lifelong love of cooking and creation in your kids. After all, this is the purpose of this particular workshop!  To bring children close to good food and lay the foundations of a correct eating behavior.

In a fun way and through the activation of all the senses, children learn to skillfully handle their hands, exercise their fine and gross mobility, discover different tastes, get familiar with the different smells, qualities, colors and textures of materials  , in order to be as independent as possible in the implementation of their own meal.  They also learn to concentrate, follow basic instructions and think methodically.

We start with an easy recipe so that the kids are really involved in the process.  Even very young children can help weigh ingredients, sift flour, break eggs and mix.  Little by little they gain confidence and satisfaction through their own creations.

The participation of children in the execution of healthy recipes is both a fun and educational process as it includes experimentation and practice, as long as they are given the space, the time and of course the confidence in their unlimited possibilities!

After all, pastry making in itself is an exciting activity for young and old and when the little cooks manage to sweeten the big ones then the joy and pride is huge!



1st) Raw materials, getting to know the materials and how to use them.Their nutritional value, which are more beneficial and should be preferred and what should be avoided for health reasons – messy cooking (playing freely with the ingredients)

2nd) Getting to know the kitchen tools and utensils that helped us prepare our recipes- how to use and practice fine and gross motor skills (learn the basic cookie dough)

3rd) How do I prepare my space, materials and tools.  What does mise en place mean and how can a small chef organize his space while maintaining order and cleanliness

4th) I carry out a recipe: how I follow the steps and proceed to implement the recipe step by step, I learn to weigh the ingredients, put them in bowls, wash, clean or peel, developing fine motor skills that will help me to carry out a recipe

5th) We make healthy snacks for school

6th) Halloween cooking party (surprise)

7th) Decorate cookies with sugar paste

8th) Xmas  gingerbread cookies and Xmas tree cupcakes


DURATION: October- May (repeated cycles of 8 lessons)

The group will start as long as the necessary entries are completed.


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